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have a kip

to sleep


kip = schlafen --- GOOGLE INDEX have a kip: approximately 150,000 Google hits



The weekend is almost here and that means a lie-in for many - though with the clocks going forward there'll be an hour's less shut-eye on Sunday morning. But, says Sean Coughlan, there's more to getting a really good KIP than just shutting your eyes.

(BBC Magazine)

If I know milk for the next day's round won't come in until late afternoon, I might head home and HAVE A KIP in the middle of the day. It's my business, so I can structure my day how I want.

(The Guardian)

Did you



- a sleep


- to sleep, especially in a place which is not your home

(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

A cure for kipping

Nobel Prize-winning chemist Emil Fischer was once approached by the novelist Hermann Sudermann, who wished to thank him for his discovery of veronal (sleeping pills). "You know it is so efficient, I don't even have to take it," he declared. "It's enough that I see it on my night-stand."

"What a coincidence," Fischer replied. "When I want to have a kip, I take one of your novels. As a matter of fact, it's enough that I see one of your wonderful books on my night-stand and I immediately fall asleep!"

Etymology: Likely stems from the Danish word "kippe", which is a hut or an alehouse. It was first recorded in the middle of the 18th century as Irish slang for a house of prostitution.


catnap, forty winks, shut-eye, siesta, sack time

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"They say having a kip at work helps increase productivity. Wake me up in 30 minutes!"


PRONUNCIATION TIP: Take a deep breath and say 5 separate words: PARA SKEVI DEKA TRIA PHOBIA... Easy!

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